Gilgandra Public School

Success through diversity, participation and care.

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At Gilgandra Public School, we are safe, respectful learners through teaching and acknowledging.

Student Welfare encompasses everything that the school community does to meet the personal and social needs of students to enhance their well-being.

It involves holding high expectations of student behaviour and recognising, valuing and developing each student as a total and unique person in the context of society.

An important part of this process is that students learn to become responsible for their own behaviour and that the school actively promotes positive behaviour.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework focuses on explicit teaching and supporting positive behaviour for all students. PBL is a framework, which supports student's own personal development as well as helping them to understand what is required of them in order to create together a peaceful, productive and harmonious learning community.

The Gilgandra Public School Positive Behaviour for Learning is based on a school-wide set of expectations, which apply across the entire school in all circumstances and settings. We have three expectations at Gilgandra Public School.

  • We are Safe
  • We are Respectful
  • We are Learners

These expectations are upheld school wide, in all settings.

In all settings: We are


  • be in the right place at the right time
  • keep hands and feet to yourself
  • use equipment safely


  • speak politely
  • wear school uniform
  • listen and follow instructions
  • be kind and considerate to others
  • use manners


  • co-operate with others
  • maintain a consistent effort in all areas
  • strive to achieve your best
  • actively participate
  • listen and follow instructions
  • report problems

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