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Term 2

* Stage 2 Excursion (PDF, 64.6KB)

* Dingoes Lion head Party (PDF, 241KB)

* PSSA Rugby League (PDF, 56KB)

* Dubbo District Cross Country, (PDF, 55KB)

* Quokkas Wellington Caves Excursion (PDF, 652KB)

* Turtles Class Party (PDF, 192KB)

* Turtles Read Aloud to Someone (RATS) Home Reading Program (PDF, 311KB)

* Cross Country (PDF, 20.7KB)

* Stage 3 Personal Development Session (PDF, 39.0KB)

* PSSA Netball (PDF, 19.4KB)

* Touch Football (PDF,352KB)

* GLAMS Health Expo (PDF, 18.5KB)


Term 1

* Year 5/6 Eagles PBL Class Party (PDF, 19.6KB)

* Quokkas Sandstone Caves Excursion (PDF, 282KB)

* Quokkas Local Excursions Permission note (PDF, 320KB)

* Teacher for a Day (PDF, 307KB)

* Stage 3 Cooee Heritage Centre & Rural Museum Excursion (PDF, 244KB)

* Peachey-Richardson Shield Rugby League Competition (PDF, 39.4KB)

* Year 5 2024 Opportunity Class Placement (PDF, 277KB)

* Easter Hat Parade (PDF, 277KB)

* DIngoes Assembly Invitiation (PDF, 40KB)

* Expression of Interests for Year 7 - 2024 (PDF, 291KB)

* Cultural Centre opening (PDF, 252KB)

* Three way conference  Cover sheet and times available (PDF, 369KB)

* Dingoes Home Reading (PDF, 19.1KB)

* Technology Permission (PDF, 144KB)

* MC Excursion (PDF, 34.4KB)

* Statewide Eyesight Preschool Screening (PDF, 661KB)

* PSSA - Girls and Boys Touch Football (PDF, 806KB), Open boys Rugby (PDF, 815KB), Under 11's Rugby (PDF, 115KB)

* Quokkas and Dingoes Senior Citizen Luncheon perfomance (PDF, 192KB)

* Stage 3 Excursion (PDF, 372KB)

* Quokkas PG Viewing Permission (PDF, 25.4KB)

* Quokkas Swimming Permission note (PDF, 34.9KB)

* Dubbo District Swimming Carnival Program (PDF, 447KB)

* Kindergarten Best Start (PDF, 296KB)

* District Swimming Carnival (PDF, 70KB)

* Headlice Outbreak (PDF, 292KB)

* Little Learners Love Literacy Information (PDF, 1168KB)

* Leadership Induction Assembly (PDF, 230KB)

* Macquarie Conservatorium - Learn at School (PDF, 43KB)

* Infants Water Fun Day (PDF, 313KB)

* Swimming Carnival (PDF, 334KB)

* Year 2 Swimming Carnival (PDF, 286KB)

*Best Start Kindergarten Assessment (PDF, 636KB)

* Swimming for Sport (PDF, 27KB)

* Consent Form for Eye Care (PDF, 118KB)

* Classroom Introduction Letters :- Kindergarten Turtles (PDF, 378KB), Year 1/2 Dinawans (PDF, 562KB), MC Quokkas (PDF, 46.3KB), Year 1/2 Dingoes (PDF, 281KB), Year 1/2 Wombats (PDF, 340KB),  Year 3/4 Echidnas (PDF, 60KB), Year 3/4 Koalas, Year 3/4 Kookaburras, MC Magicicadas, Year 5/6 Eagles (PDF, 46KB), Year 5/6 Wagtails